ToyDrop’s Top 10 Ethical Valentine’s Day Gifts

6th February 2020

Words by Anna Whitaker

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The card shop invention that divided the world. Well, I for one am all for it. Anything that gives us an excuse to show a bit of love and scoff chocolate is a winner in my book, so whether you’re already in search of some top ethical Valentines Day gifts or are yet to be inspired, here’s our rundown for 2020.

1. Dabbadrop – from £28

If you live in Hackney, Leyton or Walthamstow and haven’t already swapped your Friday night takeaway for Dabbadrop, then it’s time to break up with Deliveroo. Founded by two local mums who wanted a more eco-friendly option (that tasted amazing, obvs), they started the service, which now delivers a weekly-changing menu of home-cooked plant-based curry, along with amazing accompaniments in reusable tiffin tins. So you just wash them out and swap them over when your next one arrives. Beats a cheesy restaurant for a true Valentine’s love-in.

2. Grimm’s wooden hearts – £34.95

Win little hearts with Grimm’s heirloom toys, perfect for open-ended play. Stack them up, knock them down, rock them around and find ways to piece them together. The options are endless and perfect for developing fine motor skills in toddlers.

3. Bobo Choses CHACHACHÁ Tee – £28

The latest collection from Bobo Choses might just be my favourite yet. It’s all about dancing, which is every kid’s favourite thing to do and fills me with so much excitement about the sunny months to come. BC’s on a mission to put a smile on planet Earth’s face and we’re absolutely on board with that too. So grab one of these sustainable sweeties and jump on board the bandwagon.  

4. Happier Beauty toothpaste – £12

What would Valentine’s Day be without a cheeky snog, hey? Well whoever you’re tying tongues with, it’s worth stocking up on this bad boy first. Happier is a new toothpaste brand, which caught my attention with its awesome packaging and the fact that it’s made without soaps, antibacterials, artificial sweeteners, petrochemicals and unnecessary colourings. Get in my mouth. 

5. Wood-ism cards – £3.50

These amazing cards show a glimpse inside the beautiful mind of Woody, a boy with high functioning autism, whose amazing phrases his dad has turned into Linocut prints. All profits go to Ambitious About Autism and would make the perfect gift from anyone who can’t find the words so easily. 

6. Bloomon flower subscription – from £23.95

These flowers come straight from the growers to your door at regular intervals, full of quirky stems and exciting facts. I’ve been a fan for years now and, like all flowers, love the fact that they’re 100% biodegradable. The ultimate eco win.

7. One Love by Cedella Marley – £5.17

Brilliantly adapted by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s first child, One Love brings his unforgettable lyrics to life for a new generation. It’s full of heartwarming illustrations and messages about the amazing things that can happen when we all get together with one love in our hearts. Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for kids. 

8. Le Labo Fragrances – from £57 (for 15ml)

The Le Labo range of fragrances are quite frankly heaven on earth and if they don’t make someone fall in love with you then they’re dead in the soul. Tested on actual New Yorkers and made from totally vegan ingredients, they’re a genuinely thoughtful brand putting the sensory experience front and centre. They’ll even hand mix your fragrance for you in store. Does it get more romantic than that?!

9. Tony’s Chocolonely white raspberry popping candy – £3.50

If you’ve read any of my gift roundups, you’ll probably notice a theme. That’s because there’s literally always an opportunity for chocolate and Tony’s is by far and away the best brand on the market. Another dutch export (can I just move there already?!), Tony’s is ripping up that cocoa cookbook and getting rid of modern slavery with their fairtrade promise and better than ever taste. But let’s just take a minute to think about white chocolate and raspberry with popping candy. Now that really is something of a treat.

10. LuckyBoySunday Sweetheart Rose – £20

Give snuggle a reason with Sweetheart Rose, the alpaca wool softy from cult brand LuckyBoySunday. These designer toys are handmade in Bolivian cooperatives, where workers get a share of the company profits (like John Lewis & Partners here I guess). They’re also the most snuggable, loveable guys for little hands to hold.

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