Stylish Toy Storage Solutions for Modern Homes

10th July 2020

Words by Anna Whitaker

Turns out you guys really love a tidy up and who am I to argue with the data? Now you’ve worked out how to declutter kids’ toys (or not, but will do soon I’m sure…right?) here’s my pick of the most stylish toy storage solutions to keep your faves looking better than ever.

This playful selection brings you all kinds of different shapes and sizes, colours and textures and a fair few little faces too. I’m a sucker for those, as long as the designs are simple enough not to overpower your space. The goal is to tidy up, remember, so make sure you’re not overdoing it too much with crammed-in furniture or clashing prints. 

1. Oeuf NYC Mini Library Shelving System – Bobo Kids – £559

This is pretty much a cult classic now and is probably in a design museum somewhere. It lends itself perfectly to Montessori play, where toys (or books) are visible at all times and children are able to reach what they want, whenever they want it. The two cupboard doors are great for hiding the inevitable ugly toys too, so you can curate a space that’s both calming and pretty at the same time.    

2. Apple Baskets – Zara Home – From £19.99

Zara Home has some really amazing designs in their kids department. We got a basket in the shape of a kangaroo for Rudi (our little Roo) when we decorated his bedroom a couple of years ago but these apple ones are gorgeous too. It’s a great site to remember when you are looking for one-off pieces because I never really think to look there. And then I do and I’m like…let me buy everything! 

3. OYOY Rabbit Mini Hook – Amara – £12.00

Little wooden cameras, push-along toys, musical instruments; there are so many toys that would benefit from a hook to hang on. Or why not get a few and make a little dressing up corner, with a box below it for all the bits they drape themselves in. These OYOY hooks also come in the shape of a bear, a panda and a penguin, and are perhaps the most friendly little friends around.    

4. Dinosaur Storage Basket – H&M – £24.99

OMG, this made me want to buy more storage for the sake of just having it at home but I think we’re at capacity (especially now we’ve donated half our toys). This sweet little dino pal would be perfect for jurassic fanatics and great for keeping all their plastic dinosaurs in one place.   

5. TROFAST storage – IKEA – From £1.50

It’s a classic for a reason. The TROFAST storage from IKEA comes in loads of different configurations and as you add the trays on separately, you can choose whatever colours you like. We have a small one of these in Arlo’s room, with two shallow and two deep trays. It’s basic but sturdy and the simple design means it matches any space with ease. Also a total bargain. 

6. HAY Colour crates – Utility Design – From £6.00

These playful trays come in a few different sizes and are just a joy to look at. They fold, they stack, they hold all kinds of crap (just made a rhyme) and are great either out on display or hidden away. We have a few of these in a cupboard, one for puzzles, one for games and one for something else, probably things I can’t categorise, but they really help to organise the clutter wherever you put them.

7. Toy Wardrobe – Zara Home – £159.99

Doesn’t this look like it was picked up at a French flea market circa 1976? I love it. It’s made from rattan and would make a great home for excess soft toys or just a few special pieces that you’d prefer behind closed doors (although to be fair, those doors will open pretty easily). It’s not huge, mind you, at only 50x60x25cm, so measure up if you’re planning to store anything bigger. 

8. NDOTO: Turquoise, pink and sand storage basket – The Basket Room – From £16.00

As the name of the shop suggests, The Basket Room is an amazing destination for all things woven. Each one is handcrafted by women in East African cooperatives, where they’re paid a fair wage (they’re certified Fair Trade) and given flexible working hours. That means they can run all their errands, from home to field to farm while earning an income on the side. Each piece is clearly a work of art and you’ll find something to fit into any colour scheme.    

9. The Lowdown in Mustard – Mustard Made – £249.99

These lockers have been getting a lot of press recently and you can see why. This one was actually designed as a TV cabinet but is awesome for kids’ toys too, as it’s lower than the others and therefore easily accessible to little hands. They come in a selection of playful colours and are lockable too, so you can stop the kids getting absolutely everything out at once, or keep anything unsuitable away from baby siblings. 

10. Fabelab Storage Bag – Natural Baby Shower – £39.95

Bundling everything away is easy with toy storage bags like this one, which are super lightweight and can either be hung up on a hook (see no. 3) or stuffed in a corner and still look like the cutest thing in the room. Fill yours up with Duplo or soft toys or even laundry; basically anything you’d prefer not to have on display all the time. 

I found so many options for this post but tried to keep it to 10, so you didn’t fall asleep. If you’ve seen any others you think are worthy of a mention, definitely add your comment below and I’ll do some shout-outs on my socials. 

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