The plastic-free bathroom: family style

20th September 2019

Words by Anna Whitaker

The holy grail of bathrooms right now isn’t the one with metro tiles or copper taps. Oh no. It’s the one without the single-use plastics that clutter up each surface like dust on our unplayed piano. So while we’re still in this fresh new month of September, why not start a new (school) year’s resolution to make the transition before Christmas? That gives us three months to use up all our plastic bottles (make sure to rinse them out before you recycle them) and start a totally fresh slate by the new year.

1. Georganics toothbrush – £4.40

Bamboo toothbrushes are having a bit of a moment, right?! I even swapped out my electric one a few months ago when it gave up and I just couldn’t face the cost of replacing it (or asking for one as a birthday present, for fear of boring myself to death on my birthday) so it’s bamboo all the way now. The boys both love them and their colourful bristles too.

2. Marvis toothpaste – £7

I’ve tried tooth powders, charcoal in glass pots and minty pills that you chew, then brush in. They were great in theory. Then I got gum disease. So while I’m all for as few chemicals as possible, fluoride’s not going anywhere in this household. Marvis is a pretty old-school Italian brand that uses an aluminium tube instead of plastic. It’s not perfect, but until someone makes a dentist-approved tooth tab, this is my compromise.

3. Fulfilled body wash – £26

To be fair, you could just use a bar of soap. But when you’ve spent your whole life trying different shower gels that lather well and keep you smelling sweet as, it’s hard to go back to the dark ages. So here’s the compromise. Fulfilled is a refill service for body wash (and shampoo and conditioner), that starts you off with a display-worthy metal bottle and can be topped up with letterbox friendly pouches that use 70% less plastic than the usual kind.

Use the code TOY20 for 20% off your first order.

4. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – £3.99

So many good bar soaps out there at the moment. I’ve always loved Dr. Bronner’s for its apothecary-style packaging and simple, natural ingredients. The Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Bar Soap is a great one for the most sensitive skins as it’s filled with Fairtrade olive oil and organic hemp oil for bubbles that won’t dry out their skin. Extra Brownie Points go to its 100% post-consumer recycled wrapper.

5. Lush Marshmallow World bath bomb – £5.95

What child of the 80s (or 90s/00s/10s – delete as appropriate) doesn’t love a Lush bath bomb? This one smells like a fairytale, with scents of vanilla and strawberry, plus marshmallow powder and granulated sugar to add to the kid-in-a-sweet-shop vibes. Just try not to let them drink too much of it.

6. FFS razor subscription – from £9 per month

I just came across these guys and must say, I’m impressed. Not only is the weighty, metal handle a joy to hold, but the blades are fully recyclable when you send the used ones back. 10,399 shoppers even voted for it as the Best Women’s Razor at the Product of the Year Awards 2019. Kind of a big deal then.

Use the code MYSPA for 25% off your first set of blades and a free 3-month spa pass membership (the membership will be emailed to you the working day after you order).

7. Oli & Carol origami boat – £15

If you’ve got kids at home, you’ve probably got a bathroom full of toys. Chances are a lot of them are secret mould hoarders, hiding the gross stuff inside their tiny little squeaky holes. Not Oli & Carol though. They don’t have holes at all so are always dry on the inside, and because they’re made from Hevea rubber, they’re naturally antibacterial and biodegradable too.

8. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper – From £36

Never run out of rolls again with Who Gives a Crap’s toilet paper subscription. ToyDrop Towers has been stocked for years now with baskets (upon baskets) of the stuff, just ready to be ripped open by a couple of determined toddlers. Not only does it look a damn sight nicer than a torn open polythene bag, but WGAC is always recycled (so you’re not cutting down trees to wipe your bum). What’s more, 50% of their profits go to building toilets and improving sanitation in the developing world.

9. Palo Santo sticks – £6

My bestie introduced these to us on a trip to New York (those Americans, always with their cool shiz). Not exactly a glam story but if you light one of these after a no. 2, your bathroom will smell like a Californian sunset, cleansing the air so you can breathe deeply without the chemicals of their nasty aerosol counterparts.

10. New Wash Club – £98

Yes, I winced at the price too but the New Wash Club has some pretty impressive creds. If you’re currently using a premium shampoo and conditioner, this product might just change your life. The team here are trying to change the way we think about our hair, taking everything back to basics and making a shampoo so good, you won’t even need conditioner. The reviews are hard to ignore and I love the idea of using less product (in eco-friendly packaging) but £98 is a pretty big commitment.

Order through the link above for 20% your entire first order plus free shipping. 

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