Pandemic-friendly kids parties with Raggy&Boo

11th September 2020

Words by Anouska Hurrell / Photography by Gaelle Marcel

 We caught up with the legendary Anouska Hurrell, founder ofRaggy&Boo, the Hampshire-based event’s management agency. When she’s not busy planning the world’s greatest wedding, party or corporate event, Anouska is getting her fun on at home with Rafe (4) and Kit (2). 

We’ve had both of our boys’ birthday parties cancelled due to COVID now and it can feel quite deflating knowing they’re missing out but if you take a look at these ideas for your brood, it might be a year they’ll always remember. 

Amid the pandemic, conventional kids birthday parties are off the cards but that doesn’t mean you can’t find alternative ways to celebrate. In true showbiz style “The show must go on!”

With social distancing in place, many of the usual party haunts are closed and large group gatherings are out of the question so it’s time to rethink the “kids party” and get creative.

At Raggy & Boo, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with meeting in small, socially-distanced groups outdoors so we’ve made a list of birthday celebrations to suit everyone…



Hiring an ice cream van is a pretty simple idea that will always make a big impact (especially now we’re heading into the colder months! Invite their closest friends and family around to enjoy some socially-distanced ice cream fun with a Happy Birthday singalong.


Cinemas are open again but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, then there are other options. Drive-in cinemas with some American style tailgating are a big hit at the moment and are a perfect social distanced activity.

Alternatively you can set up an outdoor cinema in the comfort of your own back garden with a white sheet and digital projector (check out Google for a local place to hire). Fill the garden with blankets and cushions for the ultimate lazy boy cinema experience. How about setting up a sweet shop with red and white striped bags or even hiring a popcorn machine for some extra sparkle.


Now this could take some coordinating but I think it is such a brilliant idea. Get all your little ones’ nearest and dearest to dress up their cars with balloons, ribbons and banners then drive past your house in convoy tooting horns and blasting the music to make amazing memories and your child feel extra special on their big day.


I really love this idea and it’s a great way to get the kids to burn off some energy.

The treasure hunt can be done as a family or with a small socially-distanced group of buddies. Create a pirate-theme with a treasure map and a route that leads to the “buried treasure”, perhaps through local woodland.

You should set up some checkpoints along the way in the form of treats and clues attached to balloons, then end the treasure hunt with a picnic in the woods.


Group activities such as horse riding can also work. The socially distanced nature of this kind of activity allows kids to hang out with their friends, and make some new ones of the hairy variety. 

Thanks so much for your ideas, Anouska! If you’d like to share your own, please do so in the comments below. And make sure to follow Raggy&Boo on Instagram for all the updates and plenty more ideas for celebrating any occasion in style. 

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