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How we operate

Before ToyDrop became ToyDrop (believe me, it had plenty of working titles), it had three brand pillars: ethics was one of them. 

We thought long and hard about what exactly it means to raise a generation of awesome humans and it all boiled down to the simple act of caring – about other people, our planet and our things. 

So absolutely everything we do is with that in mind. If the toys we buy aren't made in Europe (where legal working standards cover health and safety and minumum wage as standard) then we make sure our suppliers provide factory certification for everything we stock. Ask to see a copy if you like. 

We also make sure all our wooden toys come from sustainably managed forests so we're not taking away precious resources from our little people's future. That was a no brainer – who doesn't love walking through trees in their adulthood?!

In fact, everything from our packaging to our bank account, to the electricity in our office has been chosen for its ethical credentials because, although it costs a little more to start with, we're looking towards the future and the real cost of the alternative.

We're about people over profits and setting a good example as we raise a global community of awesome humans that understand their responsibilities to each other and the world.