Meet our Friends: Wooden Story

13th September 2019

Words by Anna Whitaker

When you’re in the business of toys, there are a few important things to know. One of my top priorities was always lineage. As a buyer, I always looked for where the toys were made and if that was in the EU, or any country with workers’ rights and robust economies, you could be almost certain that the goods were…well…good.

Wooden Story was one of these brands. Made by hand in the Beskidy Mountains in Poland, each and every one of these carefully crafted wooden toys is almost guaranteed to last for multiple generations. In fact, the wooden blocks which brought them fame after Courtney Adamo’s angels were seen playing with them, were almost identical to the ones my mum had as a kid in the 50s (my boys still play with them now).  

But the blocks are just the beginning. Today, Wooden Story makes stacking toys, cars, teethers, dolls, skittles, crates and prams, not to mention that gloriously swoon-worthy furniture they introduced this year.

Wooden Story Canvas Bag

Their wood is always FSC certified and responsibly sourced from local forests. It’s then cut and finished by hand before being coloured with non-toxic dyes and natural beeswax or botanical oils for a soft, polished feel.     

Even their packaging has been thought about. The blocks themselves come in tough cotton bags and everything else in beautiful boxes that are stylish enough to display and simple enough to recycle (if clutter’s not your thing).

Children push Wooden Story Pram

Wooden Story believe that, as the toys come from the forest and smell of the wood, you can hear them in the sound of the wind. I love that. I also love their grandfather’s old saying that “creating for children brings the happiness to adults”. Preach, grandpa.  

You can find Wooden Story stocked at SCP, Conscious Craft and Lullabuy here in the UK. The rest of their story can be found at 

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