Meet our friends: Oli & Carol

13th June 2019

Oli & Carol were one of the very first brands to come on board with ToyDrop. Back when we were getting the shop off the ground, I realised we’d ticked all the right boxes for wooden toys, organic cotton toys, even fair trade alpaca wool toys but bath toys were another matter. 

Oli & Carol stood out immediately. All their toys made from natural rubber and with super sweet, simple designs, they fit into our aesthetic beautifully. But that wasn’t the end. This Spanish brand has its heart in the right place too, with its own social project that goes much further than our bathtubs.    

Olimpia and Carolina are the sisters (and namesakes) behind the brand. They launched in Barcelona back in 2014 with an idea that was born out of their mutual love of design and nature. It’s why each piece is moulded out of Hevea rubber, a natural byproduct of the Hevea tree which is super-strong, non-toxic and totally biodegradable.

Each one is coloured with non-toxic dye or painted by hand. BY HAND, PEOPLE. If that’s not worth a few of your pretty pennies, I don’t know what is. And because their paint is non-toxic too, your little ones are fine to use them as teethers as well.  

The clever, hole-free designs also mean there’s nowhere for water to seep in (and pesky mould to grow). For someone who refuses to buy bath toys for this very reason, it’s a massive bonus. It’s also nice to know there’s a nicer-looking alternative to the massive, plastic, bathtub-dominating toys that I’ve waded through in the past.

But perhaps one of my favourite reasons to declare our love for Oli & Carol is the work they’re doing on their own social project in India. The brand was founded on the principle that it should give something back to society so they use their profits to fund the education of five Indian kids at the Baba Jodh Sachiyar School in northern India.

Available online at Oli & Carol  

Words by Anna Whitaker

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