Meet our friends: Candylab Toys

1st July 2019

Long before ToyDrop was the ToyDrop it is today, it was an idea for an ethical toy subscription that delivered the perfect toy at the perfect time, based on a baby’s development stage. In reality, it was a logistical nightmare. But before I realised that, I mapped out what I thought would be a perfect toy every month for the first three years.

Candylab Cars were the very first toy to make that list. That’s because while we were all about the ethics, we were also all about beautiful design and these guys ticked both boxes immediately.

Candylab Woodie Redux

Born out of a desire to revive the modernist Americana vibe of the ‘60s and carve it into awesome, contemporary wooden toys, Candylab found a niche before we knew we needed it. Their team of artists, designers and parents drew influence from their love of classic American cars and mid-century artisan furniture designers. And what a bloody brilliant combo that produced.

But their main influence might have been the one we, as parents, can all relate to: the fact they were drowning in a sea of forgettable toys that constantly broke, ending up as fragments of plastic littered throughout their homes. It became their mission to create a line of truly beautiful heirloom toys that were elegant, durable and simple.

The idea soon became accountable to more than 1,000 backers in the shape of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $100,000. That was the push they needed to get it off the ground and over the last six years, they’ve never looked back.

Candylab Stinger with toddler

I had a good chat with them when ToyDrop first launched as I needed reassurance that they were good for the environment AND the people who produced them. They couldn’t do enough to ease my concern. Not only is every vehicle made almost entirely from responsibly sourced, solid beech wood and painted with water-based, non-toxic ink, but Candylab regularly visit the factories they work with to make sure they’re safe and the employees are happy.

Candylab Donut van

Today, they’re on their 9th Kickstarter campaign, which will see a fleet of absolutely delectable mini trucks drop later this year. You can find out more about those here, buy their range in the UK at Conscious Craft or see the rest of their brilliant creations at

Words by Anna Whitaker

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