Eco-friendly holiday toys, perfect for your staycation

14th August 2020

Words by Anna Whitaker

This may be coming to you a bit late now we’re well into August but it sounds like staycations are here to, well…stay. So whether you’re off to the seaside or couldn’t book anything in time and are settling for a day trip instead, check out this list of eco-friendly holiday toys, games and books to pack for your next adventure. 


1. The Dollhouse Book – Moon Picnic – £22.00

Calling all budding interior designers, The Dollhouse Book by Rock & Pebble has 15 spreads to create the home of their dreams. Multiple kids? Buy one each and join them together with the elastics for infinite fun. Perfect for limited packing space. 

2. Indigo Jamm Casey Campervan – Kidly – £38.00

Whether you’re taking a campervan trip or not, I think we can all agree this wooden set by Indigo Jamm is worth joining you for the ride. Complete with four peg people and their dog, it’s great for imaginary play wherever you’re going this summer.

3. PARK Social Soccer ball – PARK SS – £24.13   

PARK exists to create equal opportunity through the universal love of football and the language of art. For every ball sold, they’ll send another to a kid in need, helping to level the playing field and create opportunities for kids all over the world.  

4. Yoto Player – Yoto – £79.99

If you’re planning a break from the screen, the Yoto Player could be your secret weapon. This smart speaker is easy for kids to control themselves, by inserting cards that only play the content you want them to listen to. There’s no camera, no microphone and no ads so you can rest assured it’s totally safe. Cards are sold separately. 

5. 100 Questions: Family Edition – The School of Life – £22.00  

Family holidays are about connecting as much as they are about fun. So pack a box of these questions on your next trip and see where the conversation takes you. Great for school age and upwards, although kids will love to hear about your childhood experiences too.

6. Mini Puffling Bellyboard – Dick Pearce – £55.00

The Pearce family have been hand-making bellyboards in Cornwall since the 1960s, when ‘surf-riding’ first appeared in the UK. This kid’s version of the simple design is no different. If you’re ready for them to hit the waves, this is the perfect alternative to the disposable polystyrene boards and looks pretty rad too.  

7. Kubb Traditional Wooden Outdoor Game – Anorak – £17.00

We played this game a few years ago at a Swedish ‘Midsommar’ Party and have been hooked every summer since. It’s like Scandinavian cricket or 21st century boules! Take it down to the beach or a small grassy patch and get set to chuck sticks against sticks. Every kid’s dream!

8. Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish – The Modern Nursery – £12.00

Where better to teach younglings about the impact humans are having on our oceans, than at the seaside itself. This charming story follows our aquatic heroine as she notices the changes to her reef and tries to bring back more colour to her underwater world. 

9. Sand Builders Kit – Sandpal Toys – £32.00

I shared this on Instagram last week and nearly broke the Internet. This beautifully designed and eco-friendly kit will help you to build the best sandcastles you’ve ever seen, entertaining little builders for hours upon end. 

10. Kitpas Medium Crayons – Conscious Craft – £13.00

Pick up some of these water-soluble and eco-friendly crayons to fill out their dollhouse book or add a little water and turn them into paint sticks for older children to get arty. Who doesn’t love a beach landscape after all?  

I hope this gives you a few ideas for eco-friendly holiday toys that you can use year after year. Now, time to get that roof box sorted. 

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