Start ’em back sustainably

30th August 2019

Words by Anna Whitaker

Bit late to the party here guys but if, like me, you’re a last-minute Larry and barely have time to brush your hair, let alone put together a well-curated new term ‘look’ for your little one, you might be pleased to read the below. It should also save you a darn sight more time than heading to the shops on the final weekend before term starts. Ain’t no Clarks queues in this list.

1. Mini Rodini Jacket – £89

Chances are you know the Swedes at Mini Rodini for their adorable kids’ prints (we’re crushing on the guinea pigs big time right now) but they’re also pretty great for simple, Scandi designs. This coat is a brill example. Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton with a water-repellant coating it’s available in a handful of colours to match school uniforms or this cool neutral, to work at the weekend too. Just make sure to hand it down next year.

2. Elephant Box – £29.50

My four-year-old just looked at me putting this post together and genuinely said he wanted this lunchbox. I was a little surprised, seeing as he’s in prime character territory at the moment but I’m going with it. Would look great with a little name painted in neon or nail polish.

3. Eco Outfitters Summer Dress – £17

Loads of our high street faves are offering organic cotton uniforms these days but Eco Outfitters goes one step further. The British setup, founded by two mums, makes sure everything is ethically made and GOTS certified, so it’s practical, durable and allergy-free. Win.

4. Klean Kanteen – from £16.95

We heart Klean Kanteen here at ToyDrop Towers. It’s family-owned, B-Corp certified and manufactured with a purpose. Each bottle is also finished with a super durable Klean Coat, which means it should last from Reception right through to university.

5. Stib jumbo colouring pencils – £9.95

New year = new stationary and these award-winning colouring pencils are the sorts we’re totally scribbling down with. Each is inscribed with inspirational ‘sparkwords’ that inspire young’uns to think differently and act in unexpected ways. They encourage creativity and kindness, and donate 10% of all profits to too, which brings people together to build a better world.

6. Madlug Kids Backpack – £26

If you need to buy your school’s logo-laden rucksack, fair enough. But if you’ve got free reign and haven’t sorted it yet, let me introduce to you Madlug, a socially conscious accessories brand offering dignity to kids in care by providing these beaut bags to replace the bin bags they’d otherwise use. For every one you buy, another is given to one of the 90,000 kids currently in care in the UK and Ireland.

7. TOMs Canvas Kids Classic 2.0 – £26

The original purveyors of the one-for-one model, TOMs shoes are a great alternative to plimsols as the ultimate PE kit staple. Get them in black to match the unofficial rules on daps then kick off your kids sporting career alongside someone else’s, somewhere else in the world. Just make sure to mark your name on them clearly as they’re probably the number one lost property garm.

8. Beeswax Wraps Co. wraps – from £10

British made and B-Corp certified, these reusable wraps tick every ToyDrop box. They’re 100% natural, made from GOTs-certified cotton, Pine Resin, organic Jojoba Oil and locally sourced UK Beeswax so will keep little lunches fresh all day (and the next if they’re that kinda kid). If this is the year you’re going plastic free, this is the easiest swap you’ll make.

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