About Toydrop

What is ToyDrop?

ToyDrop is an online portal for stylish, eco-conscious parents with a focus on raising awesome humans. With regular features from a diverse range of mums, dads, brands and experts, it acts as a resource to inspire, advise and celebrate the small stuff along the parenting journey. It’s about exploring a more conscious path with our children so they, in turn, can understand their responsibilities to the world and its people, and become the kind, happy, balanced humans we all aspire to raise


Who Started it?

Anna Whitaker is the London-based mum of two behind ToyDrop. She launched the site after her original store (selling beautiful, ethical toys) closed down in early 2019. Horrified by the amount of flimsy, flashing plastic that went hand-in-hand with babies, her first mission was to find a stylish and sustainable alternative to their toys. Today this ethos takes a more holistic approach as she learns the ropes of green parenting and teaches her boys (Arlo and Rudi) to tread as gently as possible in this big wild world.

Copywriter by trade, she also writes part-time for one of London’s leading advertising agencies, running ToyDrop as a passion project out of the loft in her Walthamstow terrace.