A Little List with Anna Whitaker

11th June 2019

Anna Whitaker, Founder and Editor of ToyDrop

I feel it’s only fair to introduce myself here before I delve into the many lives of all the awesome parents I know. So I’ve rounded up a few products that are essential (and some less so) to my life as a mum of two beautiful boys, Arlo (3) and Rudi (1). Overall, I’d say our home style is fun yet simple – much like the aesthetic of ToyDrop itself. This Little List is full of the pieces I’m loving most right now and I very much doubt it’ll be the last time they crop up.

1. Main Sauvage Loris – We have a couple of these beautifully-woven Alpaca wool dolls at home and – despite their slightly moth-eaten appearance these days – they’re seriously well loved. €65; Main Sauvage

2. Dot Magazine – We love this magazine here at ToyDrop Towers. It’s full of beautiful illustrations, fun stories and easy rafts and games by the team at Studio Anorak. I subscribed when Arlo was born but it finally came into its own when he was around 3. £20 for an annual subscription; Anorak Studios

3. Kit & Kin Nappies – I’ve toyed with the cloth nappy thing but just don’t think more washing will fit into our lifestyle. These biodegradable alternatives mean I have a tiny bit less mum guilt to contend with. From £8; Kit & Kin

4. Tony’s Chocolonely – I recently discovered my new favourite chocolate and I can’t stop banging on about it. But Tony’s Chocolonely doesn’t just taste like the best thing you’ve ever got your tongue on, it’s on a mission to make sure that one day, all chocolate can declare itself slave-free. Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt; £3.50; Sainsbury’s

5. Fjallraven Kanken – We’ve been on the Fjallraven bandwagon for many years now and have used it pretty much exclusively as Rudi’s baby bag over the last 14 months. Like any great backpack, it’s big enough for all the essentials without doing any more back damage than the pregnancy left me with. Fjallraven Kanken Original; £80; Fjallraven

6. Candylab Cars – These were the very first toy I knew we had to stock at ToyDrop so they hold a really dear place in my heart. I discovered the range on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Los Angeles when travelling with my girlfriends a few years ago. The truck I bought then is still played with at home every day. Candylab Green Longhorn; £33; MiniDeco

7. Japanfusion Cleanser – My sister was one of the founding product developers at Beauty Pie and helped to develop their whole skincare range. She’s off building her own brand, SkinLyst, now but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my membership here. This cleanser changed my skin in a matter of days. Japanfusion cleanser; £5.95 for members; Beauty Pie 

8. Bloomon – Admittedly this is totally indulgent but yes, I buy myself flowers. My super generous hubster actually took over paying my subscription for Mother’s Day this year so I feel extra lucky when they arrive each month. I’m very conscious of what a privilege it is but they bring me so much more joy than a takeaway or cheap piece of clothing ever could and for that, I will continue. From £23.95 per bunch; Bloomon

9. Nuud – Yet another Dutch brand to steal my fancies in the last 12 months has been Nuud deodorant. It comes in this tiny tube that looks almost like a sample size, then goes on and on and on. You don’t even need to apply it every day (even when you shower). And the best thing? The tube is made from a biodegradable sugarcane. Win. Nuud Deodorant; from £12.95; Nuud

10. Oliver Jeffers Books – We might be Mr. Jeffers’s biggest fans. The calm flow of his stories, the gentle introduction to global and social issues and his gorgeous, whimsical pictures will be loved long after our boys grow up. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth; £12.95; Soren’s House

Words by Anna Whitaker

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