7 of the Best Parenting Websites for Modern Families

8th July 2020

Words by Anna Whitaker 

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while; a little roundup of the best parenting websites and blogs (IMAO of course) full of inspiration and procrastination. You’ll find seven of my go-tos here with a little roundup of each, perfect for killing time now the kids are back at school/nursery. From food and lifestyle to deep dive opinion pieces, these are the sites I go back to time and time again. 

Mother Mag

Founded by one of my favourite bloggers, James McKinsi McKoy over at Bleubird, Mother Mag was probably the first parenting site I read regularly, when it launched in 2014. I was pregnant with Arlo at the time and found it to have a really refreshing take on motherhood. It feels clean and aspirational, filled with a mix of beautiful editorial-style pieces on real Mums, thought-provoking stories from experts in relevant fields and awesome shopping edits. The only downside is that it’s based in America, so it’s hard to buy any of the stuff they promote. Although maybe that’s a good thing. 

Lunch Lady

All hail Lunch Lady. If you don’t already subscribe to the print mag, get it on your wishlist now. It’s sent out every quarter and is PACKED with the most amazing recipes, interviews and fun things to do with your kids. There’s some beautiful writing in there too, with well-researched editorial pieces along the lines of ‘How to raise optimistic kids’, ‘The history of the Pinata’ and ‘how not to raise a jerk’. The website takes a more streamlined approach but keeps the same playful tone and beautiful mix of photography and illustration to whet your whistle.     

Sonshine Magazine

Sonshine is all about raising boys for an equal world. As a mum to two of them, I’ve found it invaluable, helping to recognise and work against the unfounded beliefs I’ve had ingrained over a lifetime. Founded by two mums, Sonshine publishes an online magazine every quarter covering a different theme each time, from clothing to play to school to screen time. Pop over to their site to subscribe, download past issues or just peruse at your leisure.

Candice Brathwaite 

Candice’s new book ‘I am not your Baby Mother’ was a runaway success. Not surprising when you read her work, which is full of candid content written with such beautiful prose that it’s almost poetic. If you like wordy blogs, you’ll love it. As a white mother, it’s also a helpful way to check your privilege, with stories that remind us about the issues facing black parents. Candice’s ‘Make Motherhood Diverse’ campaign, which supports the idea that there’s no single story of motherhood, is worth another follow and on Instagram for an easy dip every now and then. 

A Model Recommends

I fell a bit in love with Ruth Crilly when her gorgeous gappy grin arrived onto our TV screens way back in 2003, in a show called This Model Life. I was a teenager then, making plans to leave rural Hampshire and head to university in London. It might well have been her cool, city-living, jet-setting lifestyle that encouraged me to get to the big smoke but now she inspires me in different ways. Ruth’s tone of voice is a joy to read and aside from all the parenting lark, she’s got some great beauty, fashion and home inspo and consistently gorgeous lifestyle photography, which I guess might be easier as a model!

Mother Pukka

Anna Whitehouse is, quite frankly, an inspiration. Not only does she record one of my all-time favourite podcasts, but her Flex Appeal is a total game-changer for anyone (parent or otherwise) who needs help with flexible working. The last few years have been a bit of a roller coaster for me, trying to balance motherhood alongside a successful career in advertising and the work she’s doing, and writing about along the way, is an encouraging step in the right direction. If you’re in the same boat or considering your options after maternity leave, head over to her site, where you can read up on her work, along with a whole host of other parenting LOLs.

City Kids Magazine

A late, but great addition for all you Londoners. City Kids is the definitive guide for London families, featuring all kinds of awesome news, events and interviews with a bunch of lovely peeps, such as PE teacher for the nation, Joe Wicks, and recipes to keep them going all day long. There’s also a print edition for those that like nice post through the door (who doesn’t?) and at only £14 a year, it’s a steal. 

I’ll probably think of a few more as soon as I publish this but that’s it off the top of my head. Loads of them have newsletters, which I’d totally recommend subscribing to, or just bookmarking for when you have time for a browse or want to find something specific.  

Which websites and blogs do you follow for modern parenting inspo? Leave your comments below.  



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