10 sustainable stocking fillers for a greener Christmas

23rd November 2019

Words by Anna Whitaker

I know it’s kind of against everything ToyDrop’s about, but Christmas stockings are one of my favourite things ever. I had one every year growing up (who am I kidding, I still have one now) and think they add so much magic to the big day.

But the little gifts that come in these magical sacks don’t have to be as throwaway as tradition dictates. A lot of my favourite things to include are consumable, others are longer-lasting. And because I know how hard it is to stay conscious in the face of supermarket prices and Amazon Prime, here’s a little inspiration for sustainable stocking fillers that should last way beyond boxing day (apart from the chocolate. Let’s be serious).

1. Georganics bamboo toothbrush – £4.40

I featured these bad boys in my post on the plastic-free bathroom and am still totally obsessed. The humble toothbrush is an absolute mainstay in the stocking department and these bamboo ones are perfect for kids and adults alike. this link should take you to the kids one but don’t forget to stock up for everyone else too. After all the chocolate Christmas entails, you’ll be needing them.

2. Lush Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb – £2.50

This little guy is perfect for helping them wind down after a day of over excitement. The gentle lavender oil is one of the most natural relaxants on the planet and helps to soothe skin irritations at the same time. Worth noting that essential oils aren’t great for everyone though so if your little one is an allergy magnet or has really sensitive skin, it’s best to use non-fragranced products, even if it is natural.

3. PLAYin CHOC Christmas edition – £2.95

No Christmas stocking is complete without chocolate. And if you’ve never come across PLAYin CHOC before, let me introduce you to the Kinder Egg’s greatest upgrade. These sweet little boxes come with two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy-free chocolates and an eco-friendly card toy to assemble. They’re totally vegan, with no allergens whatsoever so even the trickiest chocoholics can get their fix. 

4. Main Sauvage Dream Big Teddy – €37.00

Not exactly a stocking filler price but the Main Sauvage dolls are all so gorgeous and just for popping out the top of a stocking. I once learnt that the perfect size for a soft toy is the length from a child’s knee to their heel, so it’s big enough to snuggle but small enough to easily drag it from place to place. These ones are just perfect, and suitable for newborns too with their hypoallergenic alpaca wool and tight stitching.

5. Oli & Carol Ana Banana bath toy – £14.00

I’m going to make a bold statement now. The Ana Banana bath toy is a new cult classic. It flew off our digital shelves back in the day and is perfect for teething babies or banana addicts alike. Made from hevea rubber (a natural antiseptic), food-grade paints and zero holes for pesky mould to thrive after bathtime, Oli & Carol is our favourite teething brand for many reasons.

6. Minus Editions Activity Books – €5.00

I LOVE these little books. They’re perfect for slipping into a bag for festive mate dates and great for opening up conversations around the table wherever you are. Lots of them are about relationships and really help little ones to understand what life was like before they came along. Others, like the one in the header, are for outdoor adventures or travel stories. 

7. Sarah & Bendrix wooden stacking dog – £13.50

Wilber the wooden stacking dog is made in Europe from sustainably sourced wood and perfect for sweetening up their stockings. Babies might start to think about stacking from about 12 months but with the naturally untreated wood in these ones, you don’t need to worry if they’re just as keen to chew on them instead (although obviously keep an eye on that).

8. Crowdfarming Mandarin Tree – From £18

I plugged these back at Halloween but they weren’t actually ready to harvest yet so now’s your chance. Crowdfarming is a new way of shopping direct from the farm by adopting your own tree. It’s a super sustainable way of getting your festive faves as there are no middlemen or pesticides getting between you and your fruit.

9. Stib Colouring pencils – £9.95

Another classic stocking filler is stationary and you can’t go wrong with these award-winning pencils from Stib. Each is inscribed with inspirational ‘sparkwords’ that inspire young’uns to think differently and act in unexpected ways. They encourage creativity and kindness, and donate 10% of all profits to WE.org too, which brings people together to build a better world.

10. Tchutcha socks organic baby socks – £10.00

Socks and undies are another stocking staple and these ones from British brand, Tchutcha are just beautiful. They’re made in a tiny factory in France, always from organic cotton and with the best graphic patterns on each pair. Say goodbye to the duckies and stars of the past. These socks are the only ones they need this Christmas. 

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